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We're starting a book club—Saturdays @ 11am on the Upper West Side.

Meets once a month, sign up below.


A Tennessee school board recently banned holocaust memoir "Maus" by Art Spiegelman. We're reading it in protest.

Some of the questions we'll be tackling at our Book Club:

What did you expect before picking up this book? How were your expectations met or missed?
What was your reaction to hearing this was a comic about the Holocaust? Did your opinions change during the reading? Do you believe this form demeans or elevates the content? Why?
What moments from this text stood out to you? Why? 
What stylistic techniques did you notice Spiegelman used to move the reader between flashbacks and flash-forwards? Did you find the artistic style effective? Did you find this storytelling method effective? Why?

How do the diagrams, charts, maps, and photos affect your reading? Why do you believe they were included in this narrative?
There are times when Spiegelman uses authorial intrusion (breaks the 4th wall). Why are these moments included? What did you learn from them? Did they disrupt your reading experience?
Why do you feel the book is banned? Does it follow suit with other banned books that you are aware of?

Past Books 

Charlotte loves feminist theory

Ben reads English

Agatha loves to read in many languages

Violet's dog just threw up :(

Isabel loves Anna Freaking Karenina

Join the Club.

Thanks for signing up for the book club! NERD

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