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Facebook To Pay News Corp. Australia For News Content

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Decision represents a reversal in Facebook’s policy towards an amended law in Australia demanding technology platforms compensate publishers for news content.


April 12, 2021

NEW YORK—Facebook and Australia’s News Corp. have established a three year deal that will pay the media company when their news stories are on Facebook. News Corp. is Australia’s largest media conglomerate and owns approximately two thirds of Australian metropolitan newspapers. The agreement follows the passage of the News Media Bargaining Code, legislation that mandates technology platforms pay sources for the release of their news articles. Initially, Facebook decided to block news content from Australia, ostensibly protesting the legislation, until they relented in the face of rampant criticism.

“Facebook’s deal with News Corp. represents a step in the right direction for the fight against disinformation in Australia and adequate compensation for professional journalists. With over 15 million Australians active on Facebook, the platform is an invaluable resource for people to share and consume news within Australia,” said Isabel Tribe, Cofounder of Teens for Press Freedom. “Facebook’s rash decision to cut off all news content coming from Australia not only unfairly interrupted the circulation of news within the nation, but threatened the livelihoods of several news companies and publishers who are dependent on digital advertising revenues. In a time of economic crisis for news publications, social media companies abiding by Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code is a beneficial way to support a struggling industry.”


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Source: NPR

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