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Journalist Thein Zaw Released From Myanmar Prison

Thein Zaw, journalist for the Associated Press, was released on Wednesday from Insein Prison in Yangon, Myanmar.


April 20, 2021

NEW YORK-- Associated Press journalist Thein Zaw was released from prison on Wednesday, after being detained for over three weeks. Zaw was covering a protest in response to the Myanmar coup when he was arrested for “violating a public order law.” Zaw is now home with his family, and all charges have since been dropped. Teens for Press Freedom spokesperson Sami Campana-Gladstone said the following:

“Teens for Press Freedom celebrates the recent release of The Associated Press journalist Thein Zaw and praises the work of the AP and many press freedom organizations who advocated on his behalf. However, it must be noted that the February 27th arrests of Thein Zaw and 8 other media workers were blatant attacks on press freedom and free expression perpetuated by the military government. Since the February 1st coup that successfully removed the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, 40 journalists have been detained and/or charged, half of whom remain imprisoned and muzzled. Zaw’s case is a perfect illustration of the unjust behaviors the police are exhibiting towards hard-working journalists. The video showing Zaw’s arrest clearly indicates that the police targeted Zaw after witnessing the journalist photographing police brutality in the anti-coup demonstration. TPF condemns the military government’s continued suppression of press freedom and encourages the government to release the remaining imprisoned journalists.”


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Source: US News

Find PEN America’s response to the Myanmar military’s violence against anti-coup protestors and journalists here, and see PEN America’s response to government censorship in Myanmar here.

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