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Kazakh Policemen Relentlessly Harass Journalists Covering Fire Incident Nearby

Kazakh authorities should investigate the harassment of journalists Bakhrambek Talibzhanov and Bakhrom Abdullaev by police officers


March 28, 2021

NEW YORK — On March 2, two journalists in Kazakhstan, Bakhrambek Talibzhanov and Bakhrom Abdullaev, were assaulted and harassed by police while covering a fire. The police demanded Abdullaev move away from the scene, ignoring Abdullaev’s insistence that he was already at a reasonable distance. In response, the police started to shove him away, which drew Talibzhanov into the scuffle. Three police officers started to attack Talibzhanov as well, punching him in the face and the kidney.

The journalists were taken to the police department in the Abay district but have since been released without charge after accusing the officers of forcefully obstructing them from peacefully covering the fire. Teens for Press Freedom condemns this attempt of violent censorship and calls on Kazakh officials to investigate the mistreatment of the two journalists.

Charlotte Hampton, Cofounder of Teens for Press Freedom said, “This attack is representative of an endemic and international disrespect for reporters. The reality that this crime was perpetrated by law enforcement is doubly concerning. When physical attacks on journalists go unpunished, it sets the precedent for further censorship and violence.”


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