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Tiktok Creator Booms by Deceiving Users with Unsettlingly Realistic Clips of Tom Cruise

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


April 11, 2021

NEW YORK — A recent TikTok video released by visual effects artist Chris Ume, containing a deepfake of Tom Cruise, shows that newfound AI technology can effectively impersonate people. @deeptomcruise on TikTok gained a notable following after Ume published the video. The impersonation stirred concern about the harmful effects artificial intelligence could have in the future, and specifically how deep fakes can be used to impersonate political officials.

“The creation of these deep fakes poses a significant threat to the verifiability of news and media everywhere. The fact that this deepfake was distributed on TikTok, a platform whose target demographic is teens, is extremely concerning because young people are especially susceptible to disinformation,” said Charlotte Hampton, Teens for Press Freedom Cofounder. “This development could become a key tool in party politics and political campaigns, influencing voters and election turnouts. As artificial intelligence tools become more accessible, as seen through the Cruise deep fakes, we urge teens nationwide to be critical in their social media consumption and stand against disinformation distribution. It is our sincere hope that this video is not passed off as a harmless creation, but instead viewed as a warning of the harmful role AI technology could play in politics in the future.”


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Source: NPR

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