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TPF Condemns Congressional Bills Banning CRT

By Alya Satchu and Margaux Stehle



NEW YORK — Over the past months, many states have been introducing and passing bills that prohibit the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Critical race theory supports the premise that race is a social construct, and that racism is not only a product of an individual's prejudice or bias, but is endemic to nationwide policies and legal systems. These states and government officials oppose instruction of CRT in schools because they claim it leads to discomfort and controversy among students and places undue blame on white students for the current state of race relations. According to the North Dakota legislature, which passed House Bill 1508 on November 15th, 2021, Critical Race Theory is an academic concept intended for higher education settings and not K-12 schools. Similarly, in Tennessee, House Bill 508 bans public schools from discussing certain ideas of race and sex. Schools that violate this law risk losing state funding vital to keeping these institutions functioning.

Teens for Press Freedom Media Relations Director Sami Campana-Gladstone said, “The passing of anti-critical race theory bills prevents essential discourse surrounding the legacy of racism and discrimination in the US from taking place in classroom settings. Furthermore, the implementation of these bills stalls progress towards promoting factual literacy among teens. TPF stands with organizations such as The Knox County Education Association in their assertion that House Bill 508 censors academic discussion of U.S. history. We denounce the introduction of such bills and call on the public to remain critical of regulations that undermine the fundamental tenets of CRT.”

Source: US News


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