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Trump Campaign Lawsuit Against New York Times Dismissed

Updated: May 11, 2021

New York Supreme Court dismisses former president’s defamation lawsuit against New York Times


April 4, 2021

NEW YORK —The New York Supreme Court dismissed the Trump campaign’s 2019 defamation lawsuit against the New York Times in response to an article written by Max Frankel. The opinion piece accused the Trump campaign of conspiring with Russia during the 2016 election to ensure victory.

The court ruled that Trump's campaign failed to produce verifiable evidence of gall within the piece and that neither the New York Times or Frankel had any knowledge of false statements. The piece was also labeled as opinion, not as news, and readers were meant to understand that statements made, such as "overarching deal," were Frankel's opinion, not factual evidence.

Cofounder of Teens for Press Freedom, Isabel Tribe said, “This ruling is a victory for the First Amendment, and shows that democracy will live another day. Citizens must be able to criticize people in positions of power without being penalized.”


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Source: The Hill

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