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Hello! My name is Charlotte Hampton, and I’m a senior at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College in New York. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and I love American history, dancing, writing, and reading (currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!). It's easy to be sucked into the web of misinformation and disinformation online, but nuanced, fact-based reporting is essential to our democracy. As a uniquely polarized generation, Gen-Z has to fight for a truthful narrative. Charlotte will attend Dartmouth College in the fall.

Charlotte Hampton


Isabel Tribe

I'm Isabel, a senior at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College in New York. I live in the West Village of Manhattan and love running, reading, exploring gardens, and petting dogs. (My dog, Lana, is a #dogforpressfreedom, by the way.) I fight for press freedom because I believe in truth and our right to know the truth. The erosion of press freedom is a global phenomenon that threatens the success of every social movement. Gen Z is inheriting a world in crisis; if we want to make change, we have to be united on the facts. Isabel will attend Brown University in the fall. 


Althea Collier 
Advocacy Team Director 


Isabella Lindsay 

Workshop Team Director 


Megumi Iwai-Louie 



Sami Campana-Gladstone 
Media Relations Director 


Benjamin Barham-Wiese 
Outreach Director 


Mia Cooper 
News Team Director  1


Ifeoma Okwuka 
Media Relations Deputy Director


Maybelle Keyser-Butson 
Advocacy Team Director 


Nicole Manning
 Workshop Team Deputy Director 


Lily Echeverria


April Hattori 
Advocacy Deputy Director 


Sofia Williams
News Team Deputy Director 

Advocacy Team

Filomena Baker, Althea Collier, Silas Flessig, April Hattori, Maybelle Keyser-Butson, Ellora Klein, Ashleigh McDermott, Mira Meola, Gabriella Meyerhoff, Elizabeth Obrusnik, Morgan Perlstein, Shyra Rahman, Rahul Raman, Delia Rune, Felix Stimets

Workshop Team

Leila Buchan, Matthieu Choueiri, Emma Cook, Caitlin Kluger, Peter Kotchev, Isabella Lindsay, Nicole Manning, Naomi Mathewson, Stefanie Mitchell, Peter Rooney, Natalie Roston, Helen Stone, Kevin Tannum

News Team

Mia Cooper, Riti Dey, Amen Dilawar, Sami-Campana Gladstone, Lily Echeverria, Sam Ferrera, Gwendolyn McNamara, Katie Pan, Mia Penner, Sofia Williams 

Media Relations Team

Gertie Angel, Sami Campana-Gladstone, Luci Garza, Fabiha Khanam, Gwendolyn McNamara, Ifeoma Okwuka, Aima Riaz, Alya Satchu, Daniel Schneiderman, Margaux Stehle, Adelaide Sutfin

Outreach Team

Benjamin Barham-Wiese, Agatha German, Tenzin Jobe, Violet Paull

General Members

Maya Brener, Sophie Brettschneider, Hale Briner, Bernard Condon, Justine Choueiri, Nora Demak, Abdoul Diallo, Kal Ferretti, Zoey Ford, Helena Gelman, Maxi Glanz, Benjamin Gordon, Max Greenhill, Joaquin Guevara-Ho, Huckleberry Hannemann, Talia Homer, Charlotte Kim, Emily Kim, Jessie Lipschutz, Lucy Meola, Gabi McBride, Michelle Osorio, Katie Pan, Nazira Rahman, Abigail Ramirez, Harry Rhone, Matilda Simons, Amena Steenhuis, Dev Stolkiner, Maya Stone, Alyce Tanner, Hannah Torok, Tonia Volvovskaya, Julia Wysokińska, Mohammad Zayd, Tim Zhillin


Amanda Bennett is the former director of the Voice of America, an investigative journalist, and Pulitzer Prize winning author. She was Editor-in-Chief of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Wall Street Journal’s Beijing correspondent. Read more here. 


Laurence Tribe

Laurence Tribe is an American legal scholar who is a University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. Tribe is a constitutional law scholar and helped write the constitutions of South Africa, the Czech Republic, and the Marshall Islands. Tribe has argued 35 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and was appointed in 2010 by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to serve as the first senior counselor for Access to Justice.


Niko Perez

Niko Perez is the program manager of free expression and education at PEN America.  Perez co-directs the Free Speech Advocacy Institute and hosts Free Speech Live!, a biweekly series of youth-oriented discussions focusing on contemporary issues related to free speech, open exchange, human rights, and democracy.

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