Press Freedom is Under Threat.

We're a national, youth-led organization dedicated to promoting freedom of the press and factual literacy among teens. This is your fight too.


There were over 930 violations of press freedom at national social justice protests in 2020 alone. 

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez is arrested on live TV at BLM protest in Minneapolis


Reporters covering the recent Black Lives Matter protests have been subject to violent attacks by police officers across the country. Many have been arrested and detained. Their crime? Doing their job. These incidents violate the rights enshrined in the First Amendment and set a dangerous precedent of press censorship. 


The fight to protect journalists is your fight too. Press freedom is essential to a healthy democracy. Without it, there is no government accountability. 

Defending the press isn’t a choice. 
It's our civic duty.

Our Mission

Pass the Global Press Freedom Act. This resolution would establish an Ambassador-at-Large for Global Press Freedom who would oversee a new Office of Press Freedom responsible for protecting the press at home and abroad. Join our campaign here.

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