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TPF Charter

THE FREE PRESS is integral to free society and democracy and must be protected at all times. 
THE PRESS must remain unbiased and factual especially in times of civic division and alienation. As a potential means of political indoctrination, media must remain free to report truthfully on the goings on of government and corporations.
AS TEENAGERS we have an obligation to consume reliable news and create an informed electorate that lives up to the expectations of the Framers of the Constitution. Without a free press and universal access to it, citizens are impeded from selecting their representatives to the best of their ability. 

MEMBERS OF TEENS FOR PRESS FREEDOM should at all times advocate for the protection of free press, news literacy, and the rights of individual journalists. They pledge themselves to uphold inalienable freedoms and defend the truth as the foundation of morality, justice, equality, unity, security, and peace.

AS CITIZENS OF THE DIGITAL AGE, teenagers must be aware of the unregulated misinformation and disinformation that plagues social media and work to spread truth as a counteraction. 
AS LOCAL PUBLICATIONS LOSE FUNDING members must bring attention to the neglect of local issues. As rural areas become news deserts, the issues of the underrepresented and underprivileged are overlooked. 

TEENS FOR PRESS FREEDOM STANDS FOR the unimpeded transfer and circulation of information within and between nations. Members pledge themselves to combat the censorship of press in the country and community to which they belong and throughout the world whenever possible.

TEENS FOR PRESS FREEDOM DECLARES that the protection of news media is imperative to bridging political divides. News literacy is especially crucial to Generation Z as we come of age alongside degraded trust in mainstream media, rampant misinformation and disinformation, fake news, and inconsistent perceptions of reality. 

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