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Iowa Reporter Acquitted After Arrest at Protest Last Summer

Andrea Sahouri, a reporter who was arrested while covering a Black Lives Matter protest over the summer, has been found not guilty.


April 4, 2021

DES MOINES, IOWA — Andrea Sahouri, a reporter at the Des Moines Register has been acquitted after charges of "failing to disperse and interfering with official acts." While covering a Black Lives Matter protest this summer, Sahouri was arrested and pepper-sprayed repeatedly by police, even though she made clear she was a member of the press. Footage of the event shows Sahouri saying "This is my job ... I'm just doing my job. I'm a journalist." This incident speaks to the growing tension between police and the press.

Cofounder of Teens for Press Freedom Charlotte Hampton said, “Andrea Sahouri’s initial arrest was a frightening infringement on American press freedom by the very entity that should be keeping her safe. This episode shows the deep issues with our law enforcement’s relationship to news media. Sahouri’s acquittal shows that justice can prevail.”

Teens for Press Freedom supports Sahouri’s acquittal, and believes it should not have gone this far.


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Source: NPR

For more information on this incident, click here for Pen American’s analysis.

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